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For CUNY Students

CUNY graduate and undergraduate students co-teach, in pairs, a weekly, 1 ½ hr course on Latina, Latino, and Latin American Studies at participating New York City high schools each semester. High school students earn academic credit through completion of a guided research paper and related assignments.  The nature of the course provides the opportunity for student-teachers to develop practical experience while receiving training and support in the areas of classroom instruction and management, curriculum development, and current issues in public education.

The work entails:
-Participation in orientation and weekly check-in and lesson-planning location
-Co-teach a weekly Latina/o and Latin American Studies curriculum at a participating high school, either as an addition to an existing course, or as an additional after-school course per semester
-Maintenance and development of partnership with host high school faculty, staff, and administration
-Develop principal themes from which lesson plans evolve, balancing academic and pedagogical interests with suggested outline of chronologies and calendars and points to cover
-Lead and supervise high school students through the process of research and writing
-Develop and implement classroom management approaches
-Build and maintain catalogs of resource materials
-Gauge student progress

Urgency in Action–the Tertulia Resolana High School~College~Community Collaborative seeks the participation of CUNY students interested in working towards the following:
-Facilitate connections between the Mexican Studies Institute, the other CUNY institutes and centers, and the greater New York City  community
-Expand the Tertulia Resolana community through traditional and new media
-Address the high drop-out rate among Hispanic youth in New York City through rigorous academic intervention
-Participate in practical, professional, and educational development
-Enhance the awareness and understanding of Latina, Latino,  and Latin American histories and cultures, and how they relate to the development of the United States -Bridge academia and community organizations through a more integrated approach to learning

For New York City Schools & Community Organizations 

CUNY students and New York City Schools and community-based organizations interested in learning more about the Tertulia Resolana program should contact Gabriel Higuera, the Tertulia Resolana founder/director, at

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