2002-2003 First piloted in Phoenix, Arizona for the school year at Carl Hayden High school, initially offered as a voluntary after-school program in conjunction with the Center for Latin American Studies at Arizona State University

2003-2006 Operated both as a push-in and after-school program co-facilitated by Arizona State University graduate and undergraduate students and Maricopa Community College students.  The Tertulia Resolana program had the support of the Center for Latin American Studies as well as the Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies (now both defunct) at Arizona State University, Tempe Campus.  Partnerships were formed with Metro Tech High School, Career Success High School, Genesis Academy, Gateway Early College High School, and Desiderata High School, in Phoenix.

2006-2008 Tertulia Resolana Director (unpaid position) accepts full-time position as instructor at Genesis Academy High School in Phoenix, where he directs Spanish Language Instruction and teaches Latin American Studies, Mexican, Chicana/o and Latina/o Studies.  Changes in Arizona State University at that time included the dismantling of the Chicana and Chicano Studies Department and the closing of the Center for Latin American Studies. Shortly thereafter, the State Superintendent of Public Education successfully campaigned against Chicana and Chicano Studies programs in Tucson high schools, ultimately hurting Ethnic Studies at the national level as a result of copycat legislation.

2012-2013 Tertulia Resolana rises in New York.  In conjunction with the CUNY Institute for Mexican Studies, the Tertulia Resolana program is under development, building partnerships with schools and institutions, piloting the program in partnership with Belmont Preparatory High School in the Bronx, and delivering workshops at La Casa Azul Bookstore in May (visit lacasaazulbookstore.com)

Past presentations on the Tertulia Resolana program:

24th Annual Student Symposium on Latin American Studies UT Austin, 2004         Aguila Youth Leadership Institute Phoenix, Arizona, 2005                                     Quinto Encuentro del Medio Ambiente Fronterizo Rosarito, México, 2006 Conference on the Educational Needs and Strengths of Mexican Youth and Families, Columbia University, 2009

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