Benefits to the High School Student

1. The Positive Option of Latina/o and Latin American Studies
The negatives options for teenagers often outnumber the positive options. The existence of this program in itself may or may not deter one from the negative, but it presents the student with a choice. Goal number one is achieved when the student attends the Tertulia Resolana. Working together to better understand Latin American histories and cultures also increases interest in scholastic achievement. It is understood that along with the course outline, the elements of compassion, understanding, and respect will serve as the foundations for all activities and endeavors.
2. Engagement, Retention, and Graduation through Esteem and Awareness
Latina/o and Latin American histories and cultures are generally not studied in depth in the secondary schools of New York. Students will benefit from access to Latina/o and Latin American Studies in high school curricula both academically and civically, regardless of ethnicity or national origin. New York thrives through the contributions of Hispanics, and a reflection of this awareness is recognizing the value of talking about the rich and diverse history of the Americas in the classroom. A focus on Latina/o and Latin American Studies stresses the urgent need and desire for a more informed dialogue on Latinidad. Respect for the sacrifices of current and previous generations in struggles for civil and human rights is reflected by pedagogical sensitivity and interdisciplinary approaches.
3. Greater Attention to Reading, Writing, and Researching Skills
The academic demands on students participating in Tertulia Resolana are high. Students will be briefed on expectations for college workloads, as the course follows a college-like course structure. Time will be budgeted for in-class independent research, writing, and feedback with qualified college mentors, on their chosen topics. Students will be invited to present their final research at an academic symposium, incentivizing the completion of research while furthering paths to academic success.
4. Peer Mentorship by Community College and University Students
The Tertulia Resolana is a multidisciplinary collaborative program in which college students and high school students share knowledge, experience, resources and time with the goals of learning more about the Americas, sharpening academic skills, and presenting college enrollment as a viable path for post-secondary life. College student / high school student interaction is the fundamental component in the Tertulia Resolana. Teacher / student barriers are minimized, and in an environment predicated on respect, learning environments are more conducive to intellectual inquiry.
5. High School~College~Community Collaborative                                                         All participating high school students will expand their networks by volunteering and participating in activities, workshops, and celebrations hosted by community based civic, cultural, and arts-based organizations. Collaborations such as these reinforce classroom lessons while further bridging gaps between academia and the communities they serve while also supporting the missions and honoring the commitment of local organizations.

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